Morning Musume members!

My ratings for the current Morning Musume members AND old members 😀 Trust me, this will be VERY hard for me to do since almost every single member has a special place in my heart!!

So without further ado, let’s start with the bottom:

#25 Asuka Fukuda

#24 Aya Ishiguro

#23 Sayaka Ichii

#22 Maki Goto

#21 Kei Yasuda

#20 Yuko Nakazawa

#19 Makoto Ogawa

#18 Rika Ishikawa

#17 Miki Fujimoto

#16 Natsumi Abe

#15 Kaori Iida

#14 Asami Konno

#13 & #12 Ai Kago and Tsuji Nozomi

#11 Eri Kamei

#10 Aika Mitsui

#9 Koharu Kusumi

#8 Mari Yaguchi

#7 Hitomi Yoshizawa

#6 Jun Jun

#5 Reina Tanaka

#4 Lin Lin

#3 Ai Takahashi

#2 Sayumi Michishige

#1 Risa Niigaki

Now, I know I should explain whyyyy I chose everyone for their places, but I’m just gonna give a little summary of things you should know: I like the more current members better because I have come to enjoy seeing them grow in the time I have known Morning Musume (which was since July 2009). Now, I have tried to get to know every single member, so I squeezed Hitomi and Yagu-san in the top ten cause I really do love them and continue to support them! The bottom three are the girls I have not been able to know well at all, especially since they were gone a little quickly. Ai and Tsuji, by the way, I liked more when they were as a couple in W and I like them both equally, so I count them both as the same :). And, some members like Eri, Rika, Aika Miki and Ogawa, I’m just really not sure why I dislike them but I just do. Like, the more current members I like much more than the older, but Eri and Aika kind of annoy me nowadays but I’ll leave it at that since this is just an opinion and preference rating 🙂 I don’t doubt that all 25 girls have great talent in all that they do!