NEW Top Ten!

After having browsed through the blog figuring what to write about next, I saw my Top Ten and realized it has changed DRASTICALLY!!

When i did the last Top Ten H!P members, it was around 5 months ago, so in the past 5 months I’ve grown to love more members and take on whole new obsessions with some of them! Like Sayumin, I love her -__- And Mano Erina, both of which I never though I would like! And then there’s Momo, who I used to adore but now just annoys me >< And as for the rest, I just didn’t find room for them with my new favorites, and my old favorites whom I still love!

Haha.. Airi is still number one.. since the very beginning, even!

1) So, like I said, Airi’s my fave, her spot hasn’t changed at all, if anything I love her more now!

2) Risa Niigaki used to be four, and she really is just fantastic so I haven’t changed my mind of her ^^ I just recently started liking her looks and voice much more than before.

3) I used to think Sayumi was a bad choice voice-wise, but after watching her and listening to her more, she has really grown attached to me. She’s cute, sexy, and cares a lot about Momusu! Did I mention SEXY?? (her new PB= HOTTT)

4) Captain is soooo sexy and talented!! She is GORGEOUS nowadays!! Her stage presence.. LOVEEE, and her dance moves are BAM! I can’t get enough!! PB, please!!

5) Lin Lin is awesome, and she is super cute, but somehow she got bumped from two to five when I discovered my love for those first four, haha! But I still love Lin ^^

6) Jun Jun is her own awesome Panda!! She makes an awesome duo with Lin Lin, and she has a wonderful voice that was showcased beautifully in 10 MY ME. And she is GORGEOUS :O Her new brown hair makes her look great, no doubt!

7) Miya-san is still top ten cause she’s real sweet and fun, and a great member of both Buono! and Aa! 😀

8) Mano-chan is so cute and has a great voice! I downloaded her first album and I just love her piano skills! She’s also a wonderful and entertaining actress ^^

9) Mai Mai!! Adorable, never changing my love at funny and bubbly Mai-chan!

10) Never really cared for Nakky but these days she’s improving a lot more and gaining a lot more of my attention by being in Pucchi Moni V and soon going to be in the Fashionable play! Go Nakky! ❤

Well, hope you enjoyed! See ya in 5 months to see who I like then xD