Top Ten Elder Members!!

The top ten, or better yet, my FAVORITE of the Elders from Hello Project, well, mainly Morning Musume, haha. Cause, I was never aware of this “Melon Kinenbi” XD Ok, here we go..!

1. Hitomi Yoshizawa

Because she makes a sexy woman AND man..! Seriously, have you seen her in Ribon no Kishi, or in the Mr. Moonlight video?? She’s always making me laugh, and she has such a bright and cheerful personality..! Not to mention her voice is amaaaazing! I miss her a lot but it’s a good thing I get to listen to her in the Hangry and Angry duo ^^.

2. Mari Yaguchi

Omg, there is no describing the laughs you get from this girl..! Everytime I watch any sort of video with her in it, I’m always laughing, she even makes my SISTER laugh..! You know, the sister that isn’t into Hello Project or Japanese culture at ALL.. She still loves Mari as much as I do 😛 Her voice is really great too, I love her in Tanpopo 😀

3. Ai Kago

The cutest Morning Musume member (until Sayu came along, that is ;P) but also an absolutely wonderful vocalist. One of my favorite albums on my iPod is Double U’s (which is Kago and Tsuji’s duo name), and I can’t help but always laugh at her antics and her bluntness, oh! and her constant mimicry xD Too bad for her smoking which got her fired, but now she’s as beautiful as ever and is a tremendous actress..!

4. Ayaka Kimura

Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons..! is what she was most famous for, and I fell in love with her from it..! She is bright, cheerful, always nice to the Morning Musume members, and she knows both Japanese AND English 😀 She seems to be very good friends with a lot of them and I will miss her greatly 😦 I want more Ayaka…!!

5. Tsuji Nozomi

Mama Nono! Seriously, it’s so exciting to see that some of the ex-Hello Pro members are settled down 🙂 Tsuji has a baby girl ❤ Anywho, she is SO talented and SO cute..! Maybe a little cuter than Aibon..! Her voice is STILL super high and cute, haha! Well, it makes me very happy to know that Tsuji has grown up and is living the life she wants 🙂

6. Asami Konno

It saddens me that I’ve always kind of disregarded her and Makoto Ogawa when I listened to older Momusu songs and watched specials, etc. I can’t believe how cute she is..! And thanks to dbesthair24 (youtube user), I have watched enough Asami to love and cherish her as much as the others..! Her vocals were horrible at her audition, but she is definitely not the same girl she was 10 or so years ago..! I miss her 😦

7. Kaori Iida

Johnson..!! Haha, I always say that when I watch one of her videos and I comment on it, haha!! Ever since watching NON STOP UT4B4N from the episode where Momusu debuted, to an episode 10 years later (70+ videos… xD), Kaori has grown on me for her hilarious moments with Taka-san, for her very original-looking face, and also for her wonderful voice which I got to listen to better in her Utaban solo and Tanpopo 🙂

8. Rika Ishikawa

With Yossie in Hangry and Angry, I’m glad I don’t have to miss her adorable voice ^^ I get to have Charmy for a little while longer, haha! Her face is very cute even though it’s very mature at the same time..! She got me hooked with her cuteness but also with her talent,e specially in Ribon no Kishi as Prince Franz 😀

9. Abe Natsumi

First generation Momusu and basically the headliner of it, Nacchi has also hooked me from her hilarious and cute personality on Utaban. She was favorited by Taka-san for a while and then later on picked on for being one of the older members, but this never stopped her from consantly smiling and being kind to the other members 🙂 Her solo career is really nice too..!

10. Miki Fujimoto

I’m not sure why I like Miki. I guess I can’t help like cute girls xD And Miki is REALLY cute..! Her voice, of course, is wonderful, as you can see in her solo career (which was the MOST of her career), but she has proven to be a well-rounded person on shows and enjoyable to watch 🙂