I don’t know why, but I decided to make a list of everyone’s Photobooks so that you guys can keep track of them and see which one you think you’d like 😛

I’ll start with Morning Musume members, then Berryz Koubou, C-ute, and solo members of H!P 🙂

NOTE: I HAVE MARKED WITH A (*) THE PB’S THAT ARE BEING SOLD IN HELLO! STORE USA ( …Just look for “photobooks” on the sidebar, or look for the idol…) 😀

Takahashi Ai:

1Takahashi Ai Shashinshū

2- Alo Hello! Takahashi Ai

3- Wataame

4- Ai Gokoro

5- 19

*6- ai

*7- Love Hello! Takahashi Ai Shashinshū in Phuket

*8- Mizu

*9- Mō Hitotsu no Ai

*10- Watashi

Kamei Eri:

1- Kamei Eri

2- Days

*3- 17

*4- Love Hello! Eri Kamei Photobook in Phuket

*5- Maple

*6- Eri

*7- 20 (Hatachi)

Niigaki Risa:

1- Niigaki Risa

*2- Ama Natsu

*3- Isshun

*4- Happy Girl

Michishige Sayumi:

1- Michishige Sayumi

*2- Dokei

*3- 17 ~Love Hello! Michishige Sayumi

*4- So-so

*5- Love Letter

*6- Hatachi Shichigatsu Jusannichi (20’s July 13)

Tanaka Reina:

1- Tanaka Reina

2- Reina

*3- Shojo R

*4- Alo Hello! Tanaka Reina Shashinshu

*5- Girl

*6- Re: (Return)


Kusumi Koharu (since she JUST graduated, and her PBs are adorable ^^):

1- Kusumi Koharu

*2- Pop

*3- Koharu Nikki

*4- Sugar Doll

Tsugunaga Momoko:

1- Momo

*2- Momo16 -Momoiro-

*3- Momo no Mi

*4- Momochiii

Sudou Maasa:

*1- maasa

Tokunaga Chinami:

1- Chinami

Natsuyaki Miyabi:

1- Miyabi

Sugaya Risako:



*3- Ring3 Rin Rin Rin (I think that’s right..)

4- risou Pretty

Suzuki Airi:

1- Airi


3- Rokugatsu no Kajitsu

*4- Ao Iro

Yajima Maimi:

1- Maimi

2-Sou Sola

*3- 17

Hagiwara Mai:

1- MaiMai

Miki Fujimoto:

1- Alo Hello! Fujimoto Miki

2- Mikitty

3- Real 226

4- Cheri

5- Coeur

Aya Matsuura:

1- Matsuura Aya

2- Alo-Hello!

3- Ma’! Chura

4- Alo-Hello! 2

5-  a

Natsumi Abe:

1- Nacchi

2- Natsumi

3- Deai

4- Fu

5- Alo-Hello!

6- Ecru

7- sCene

*8- Cam On

*9- End of Summer

Goto Maki:

1-Goto Maki

2- maki

3- more maki


5- Alo-Hello! Goto Maki

6- Dear…


Ishikawa Rika:

1- Rika Ishikawa

2- Ishikawa Rika Shashinshu (?)

3- I

4- Hanabi

5- Ishikawa Rika Shiawase no Ashi Ato Happy

6- Oui, mon amour

*7- Abyuu

*8- Kazahana

*9- Karen

*10- 24

Ok, that’s it for now XD I’m tired of searching around for everyone’s Photobooks…!! I hope I got enough though, so anyone who’s viewing this can have a nice list of their favorite idols’ photobooks! 😀 It sure would help me lol!


Airi Suzuki!

Yes, this will be a post about the lovely Airi Suzuki of C-ute and Buono! She is my FAVORITE H!P member, without a doubt! I wouldn’t call myself the biggest fan because I don’t buy any of the photobooks or t-shirts, but I sure wish I could…!!! I hope to someday have a room full of stuff dedicated to her and meet her one day!!

Haha, this sometimes seems very strange since I’m a woman and also since I’m three or so years older than her XD! She still inspires me a lot, though. She is very energetic on the stage and has this wonderful personality!! She’s a wonderful idol, I hope to be like her one day!!

Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever??? Seriously, what I would GIVE to meet her and watch her live, especially with C-ute since I love those 5 girls so much!! And for those who are kind of annoyed with the fact that she got like, two solo songs in the newest C-ute single (seems like, anyway), well, what do you expect? She’s the most popular!! And C-ute is down to 5!! The used to be 7 or crying out loud!! They have to try to do SOMETHING to keep the fans going, and Airi is the prime of the group, the diamond in he rough!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MaiMai and Chisa, and Nakki is getting much better now too, but Airi’s pretty much the bread winner… lol

Well, hope you liked this, I’m gonna see if I can put more interesting things later on XD

Single ratings maybe..?


My Top Ten Hello!Project members!

This kind of a top ten based on favoritism, but also by their talents and personalities 😛 And, I realize I haven’t done an entry in the longest time, I hope I can keep it on with my new obsession: Hello!Project XD

1)Airi Suzuki- Just because she was one of the first for me to get hooked on. She is one of the cutest and funniest girls in the DVDs and she is a very good singer! I can always enjoy her solos in concerts and her awesome photobooks. I’m hooked on Airi XD

2)Lin Lin- One of the two Chinese Morning Musume members. Her voice is AMAZING. I was lucky to have heard her solo on Hello Champloo and fell in love with her in Momusu’s Alo Hello 3. She should get more lines, but it is great that she is the leader in New Mini Moni :3.

3)Momoko Tsugunaga- Another Buono! girl XD Next to Airi, Momo is the cutest of most of the girls. She has a very squeaky voice and in DVDs she is always the one who isn’t willing to do scary or freaky things, haha. She is VERY fun to watch XD. And as far as talent, her voice is unique to say the least, but it is still amazing!

4)Risa Niigaki- Her voice, her looks, she is the perfect package!! I love her at concerts the most, she has a lot of energy and gets me excited ^^. She is also a Momusu veteran, being in it from 12 to 21 if I’m not mistaken lol.

5)Chisato Okai- She is so cute!! She brings lots of laughs to DVDs and programs! She and Momo have a lot of laughs together, it’s fun seeing them in a room together! Chisa has also been getting much better at singing, but her dancing is superb. Forever Love showed me how much power she has in her moves!

6)Mai Hagiwara- Very cute and lovelier every year! She has always been the cutesy little one in C-ute, but now she is starting to be a favorite. Both her looks and her voice are growing better each day. I enjoyed very much her role in Pucchi Moni V, it’s awesome to see her in a smaller group so she can have more lines!

7)Risako Sugaya- I like more for her voice since the girl can BELT! She has these difficult notes that she hits each and EVERY time! Her look is quite unique as well so that’s why I like her. I’m not sure about her growing weight, it seems to be obvious to everyone except me XD I guess she does have more meat on than everyone else.. but the stylists hide it well I guess! haha.

8)Ai Takahashi- Haha, everyone is probably gonna hate me for putting Ai in an 8 place, but she has enough popularity! Her voice is lovely and she makes a great leader, especially since she has been in Momusu for 8 years or so (as well as Risa). I enjoy listening to and covering her, and she proves to be a good mover as far as dancing 🙂 I can’t lie, she’s really great! She deserves all the popularity XD

9)Reina Tanaka- Definitely the most popular in H!P over in Japan. I like her for her voice and uniqueness. Her voice is kind of like Momo’s: semi-squeaky but a good belter and pretty. Her solo in Hello Champloo was also very nice!

10)Miyabi Natsuyaki- Last but not least, the other Buono! girl XD. She has a very controlled and lovely voice, and she is very nice to look at! In DVDs she is very quirky and is always laughing along with the other members. She’s really cute and has a terrific smile! I can’t help liking her so that is why she fits into the top ten, but she doesn’t stand out much so she’s last XD.

Thanks for reading about my top ten H!P members! Please look forward to more stuff ^^ I might make a bottom ten list haha for who I think are the not so great members in H!P XD

Merry Christmas, J-lovers!

A couple of holiday traditions, videos, and music for all you Japanese lovers out there!

Christmas in Japan is a bit different from here. The major religion in Japan is Buddhism and Shinto, so Christmas is more commercial event. The main celebration revolves around Christmas eve and not Christmas day.

In Japan it is common to give Christmas presents. Within the family parents give presents to their children, but the children do not give presents to the parents. The reasoning behind this is that only Santa bring presents, so once the children no longer believe in Santa the presents are no longer given.

Most Japanese families would have a Christmas tree and now it is becoming very common to have lights on the outside of houses as you would see in Australia.

For single women in Japan it is really crucial to have someone to spend Christmas eve with. It is also really important for them where they spend Christmas eve and what present they receive. The whole evening must be very special, gorgeous and romantic. Japanese women who have a boy friend tend to show off, so women who don’t are not happy to talk about the topic.

There also used to be a sarcasm that Christmas is compared with a woman’s age. Cake shops throughout Japan always try to sell all their Christmas cakes before Christmas eve. Any cakes left after Christmas are seen to be very old or out of date. Women over 25 years old used to be said ‘unsold Xmas cake.’ It’s a bit bad joke, though. However, nowadays, the average age for marriage has changed, getting older and older, and it is a history.

How to say “Merry Christmas” in Japanese – easy – “Merry Christmas”

How to write “Merry Christmas” in Japanese – メリークリスマス

January 1 (national holiday)

New Year (shogatsu): This is the most important holiday in Japan. While only January 1 is designated as a national holiday, many businesses remain closed through January 3. More information is available on the New Year page.

Second Monday of January (national holiday)

Coming of Age (seijin no hi): The coming of age of 20 year old men and women is celebrated on this national holiday. More information is available on the Coming of Age page.

Princesses of J-Pop

Well, this post will focus on my muse concerning music. I love symphonic metal, euro pop, ambient, opera, but I think what most would influence me in my style and hobbies is J-pop. 


Full name Olivia Lufkin, she has a very wide range of influences to her music. She does a lot ambient, pop, rock, whatever she feels like doing. Some of her past hits were very commercial but as she goes further on in her career she puts more creativity in her music which sometimes scares her listeners. She started her career in a euro beat/70’s-influenced group called D&D, and after only an album taken out by the trio, she started her solo career with many sigles out composing her first album, “Synchronicity”. After that she released many mini albums and released a second, not so successful album named “The Lost Lolli”. She had a long break until she did theme songs for the hit anime “NANA” which led her to release more singles and an album with songs written for her, based on the show and her “character” that she gave her singing voice to. She had a much better turn-out for her last two mini albums, one out in 2007 and the other in 2008, “The Cloudy Dreamer” and “Trinka Trinka”, respectfully.



Mika Nakashima

A reggea/pop/jazz singer who mixes all these elements into hit singles when she started out. Her first three albums, “TRUE”, “LOVE”, and “MUSIC” proved her to be very successful and win the hearts of her many fans. After this era, she showed her acting abilities in the movie adaptation of “NANA”, not to be confused with the mention of the anime above. She sang a couple of songs, releasing them as singles and an album titled “The End” with her NANA hits as well as additional songs. Between the two NANA films in which she both starred in, she released other non-NANA related singles such as “Cry No More” (used in the ending theme of the anime “Blood +”), “All Hands Together”, and “My Sugar Cat”. Finally after her NANA era, she had very slow ballads as singles taken out, initializing that there would be a new album. Her singles from in between her NANA films were included in her album “YES” as well as her more recent ones “Sunao no Mama” and “Mienai Hoshi”. Another album titled “VOICE” was released in 2008 with singles like, “Eien no Uta”, used in a movie, “LIFE”, used in a drama series, her ballad “Sakura Hanagasumi”, and her most recent single, “Orion”.



Utada Hikaru

Very much loved in Japan as well as the US and the whole word, really, she is a more electronic/pop/R&B singer. She first made an album in the US since she lived in New York, but it didn’t sell or get as popular as her album “First Love” did in Japan. She then made her career there, popping out singles every year and releasing albums such as “Deep River” and “Distance”. Before this, she released singles that won her a lot of popularity over the nation and world because of their appearances on the game “Kingdom Hearts”. She then was able to come back to the United States and make her album “Exodus” which were all songs in English. She kept on with her career in Japan, with her album “Ultra Blue” in 2006, and two years later released her most recent album, “Heart Station”.



All these artists have great voices unlike most you would hear in the Japan scene or anywhere else for that matter and have some tremendous creativity as far as their songs go! They have been a major influence in my singing, especially since it’s a challenge to sing their songs and thus being very good practice! I hope you can look them up and enjoy their music as much as I do!

Cute and Lolita!

Well, my fashion sense though controled and simple most of the time, I love cute clothes (pink being my favorite color). My favorite style is punk/sweet lolita and decora which are very popular in Japan.

There are some brands online that are so impressive and cute! I love how original they look but still follow a certain style or trend.

Candy Violet
This girl follows a stricter trend of Sweet and Gothic Lolitas, but she adds other elements like hats and t-shirts that can be used equally with the skirts and dresses that she offers. This brand has shown a lot of popularity, having adds in many japanese culutre-oriented magazines such as Shojo Beat and Gothic and Lolita Bible. Her other label is “Cute Salad” but I like Candy Violet better for the versatility and the style that I like which is Gothic Lolita.

The designer is Viviene Hoffpauir, a 28-year-old English woman.


This label is more original, in my opinion, and has creative t-shirts, tutus, corsets, bows, and outfits inspired by cute characters from the Japanese culture like Hello Kitty, Cinnamonroll, but also anime characters like Sailor Moon. Some products like the shirts and dresses seem attractive for more people that might not like anime and such, but most of the patterns and colors are crazily combined and very cute.

The designer is a 24-year-old English woman. She has her own boutique in the UK.

The First Day

Hey everyone! My name is Lina Wicked, and I am here to tell you that I am slightly crazy in the sense that I will do almost anything under the definition of  “weird” especially to stand out. Don’t be afraid to run off, but I must advise that these posts will be pretty cool XD I will work my butt off to make them nice and entertaining. Hope you like it, I love Japanese culture, my passion is music, and I love Hello!Project especially! Please enjoy!

Miss Lina Wicked~

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