Florida Hello!Project Fans!!!

Hey guys! I made a facebook group for Hello!Project fans in Florida, US!


If you live in Florida are love Japan Idols, this is for you! I really want to bring people together!! I will be updating Hello Project stuff as well 😀 So it’ll be worth joining..!


Cute and Lolita!

Well, my fashion sense though controled and simple most of the time, I love cute clothes (pink being my favorite color). My favorite style is punk/sweet lolita and decora which are very popular in Japan.

There are some brands online that are so impressive and cute! I love how original they look but still follow a certain style or trend.

Candy Violet
This girl follows a stricter trend of Sweet and Gothic Lolitas, but she adds other elements like hats and t-shirts that can be used equally with the skirts and dresses that she offers. This brand has shown a lot of popularity, having adds in many japanese culutre-oriented magazines such as Shojo Beat and Gothic and Lolita Bible. Her other label is “Cute Salad” but I like Candy Violet better for the versatility and the style that I like which is Gothic Lolita.

The designer is Viviene Hoffpauir, a 28-year-old English woman.


This label is more original, in my opinion, and has creative t-shirts, tutus, corsets, bows, and outfits inspired by cute characters from the Japanese culture like Hello Kitty, Cinnamonroll, but also anime characters like Sailor Moon. Some products like the shirts and dresses seem attractive for more people that might not like anime and such, but most of the patterns and colors are crazily combined and very cute.

The designer is a 24-year-old English woman. She has her own boutique in the UK.