I’ll make this quick:  I am spunky, cute, and slightly demented (in a good way!), and I carry myself this way to stand out. I want to be recognized by a lot of people, be oggled at by complete strangers but most of all be an inspiration to others with things that are very special to me such as my drawing, writing, and singing. I hope to develop my voice further and carry out my heavy-cute style for the world to see and to introduce the world to my special little friends that range from talking animals to super humans that save the world. I am a hopeless romantic, though, and will always try to spread my hopelessness through all my creativity.

I wish to give everyone love and hope for their futures! Nothing is imposibble, don’t put limits!



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  1. Igor
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 11:30:32

    Dear LW,

    I wanted to send an email, but I had no luck finding it on the site, although it is a prudent thing, considering the email robot hunter that roam the internet searching for a spam victim. I just received a nice greeting card, and wanted to return something equally nice. I found an image using google images search that I thought was perfect and I included it in my email to friends. I guess its good manners to notify you if about it, and I know that you will be proud to have several people more enjoy the holidays a bit more thanks to an image you set on the site. 🙂


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