AIRI SUZUKI- Ao Iro scans

I wish I could have the newest PB scans to choose from and maybe compare with the rest, but alas, I only have these for now 🙂

I won’t put all, only some I think are good and maybe some that are not as common as the ones all over the internet 🙂


Those are my fave swimsuit shots from the book 🙂 That blue one looks gorgeous on her, and she looks very mature in it too ^^



These are some shots that were taken in-doors that I think are quite cute and “moe” 😛



Very genki but also cute in many pics 🙂



Elegant, isn’t it? 🙂



KAWAII!!! Airi in a seifuku is so cute! She also wears one in her next PB 🙂


Well, hope that peeked your interests, and be sure to try to buy this PB it for more Airi cuteness ^^


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