Morning Musume 10 MY ME!

Sorry for not posting in a long time! But this is a good entry causeeee…

1) It’s about Morning Musume

2) You get to get to see my review of their 10th album

and finally, 3) You get to have the album for FREE 😀

So, if you want to see what i think of it first and listen to some snips of the songs please go to this video and hear what I have to say about the album if you’re planning on buying it 🙂 It’s always good to know where your money’s going to..! By the way, you can buy the actual CD at or go to iTunes and purchase it for $10 🙂

My friend HelloProjectInternat ( has a few of the songs in their entirety if you want to listen to them as well 🙂

Ok! So once you’ve done that, or whatever really, if you want to do this first you can go ahead and download the whole album right here!

All in all, this album is my favorite between itself and Platinum 9 Disc. Since, before both of them my fave albums are Sexy 8 Beat and Second Morning 🙂 Hope you enjoy the album; try to buy it, but if you don’t, see if you can stop by and purchase maybe some merch of Morning Musume to show your support!! And, please, comment to tell me what you think!!


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