Airi Suzuki!

Yes, this will be a post about the lovely Airi Suzuki of C-ute and Buono! She is my FAVORITE H!P member, without a doubt! I wouldn’t call myself the biggest fan because I don’t buy any of the photobooks or t-shirts, but I sure wish I could…!!! I hope to someday have a room full of stuff dedicated to her and meet her one day!!

Haha, this sometimes seems very strange since I’m a woman and also since I’m three or so years older than her XD! She still inspires me a lot, though. She is very energetic on the stage and has this wonderful personality!! She’s a wonderful idol, I hope to be like her one day!!

Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever??? Seriously, what I would GIVE to meet her and watch her live, especially with C-ute since I love those 5 girls so much!! And for those who are kind of annoyed with the fact that she got like, two solo songs in the newest C-ute single (seems like, anyway), well, what do you expect? She’s the most popular!! And C-ute is down to 5!! The used to be 7 or crying out loud!! They have to try to do SOMETHING to keep the fans going, and Airi is the prime of the group, the diamond in he rough!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MaiMai and Chisa, and Nakki is getting much better now too, but Airi’s pretty much the bread winner… lol

Well, hope you liked this, I’m gonna see if I can put more interesting things later on XD

Single ratings maybe..?