My Top Ten Hello!Project members!

This kind of a top ten based on favoritism, but also by their talents and personalities 😛 And, I realize I haven’t done an entry in the longest time, I hope I can keep it on with my new obsession: Hello!Project XD

1)Airi Suzuki- Just because she was one of the first for me to get hooked on. She is one of the cutest and funniest girls in the DVDs and she is a very good singer! I can always enjoy her solos in concerts and her awesome photobooks. I’m hooked on Airi XD

2)Lin Lin- One of the two Chinese Morning Musume members. Her voice is AMAZING. I was lucky to have heard her solo on Hello Champloo and fell in love with her in Momusu’s Alo Hello 3. She should get more lines, but it is great that she is the leader in New Mini Moni :3.

3)Momoko Tsugunaga- Another Buono! girl XD Next to Airi, Momo is the cutest of most of the girls. She has a very squeaky voice and in DVDs she is always the one who isn’t willing to do scary or freaky things, haha. She is VERY fun to watch XD. And as far as talent, her voice is unique to say the least, but it is still amazing!

4)Risa Niigaki- Her voice, her looks, she is the perfect package!! I love her at concerts the most, she has a lot of energy and gets me excited ^^. She is also a Momusu veteran, being in it from 12 to 21 if I’m not mistaken lol.

5)Chisato Okai- She is so cute!! She brings lots of laughs to DVDs and programs! She and Momo have a lot of laughs together, it’s fun seeing them in a room together! Chisa has also been getting much better at singing, but her dancing is superb. Forever Love showed me how much power she has in her moves!

6)Mai Hagiwara- Very cute and lovelier every year! She has always been the cutesy little one in C-ute, but now she is starting to be a favorite. Both her looks and her voice are growing better each day. I enjoyed very much her role in Pucchi Moni V, it’s awesome to see her in a smaller group so she can have more lines!

7)Risako Sugaya- I like more for her voice since the girl can BELT! She has these difficult notes that she hits each and EVERY time! Her look is quite unique as well so that’s why I like her. I’m not sure about her growing weight, it seems to be obvious to everyone except me XD I guess she does have more meat on than everyone else.. but the stylists hide it well I guess! haha.

8)Ai Takahashi- Haha, everyone is probably gonna hate me for putting Ai in an 8 place, but she has enough popularity! Her voice is lovely and she makes a great leader, especially since she has been in Momusu for 8 years or so (as well as Risa). I enjoy listening to and covering her, and she proves to be a good mover as far as dancing 🙂 I can’t lie, she’s really great! She deserves all the popularity XD

9)Reina Tanaka- Definitely the most popular in H!P over in Japan. I like her for her voice and uniqueness. Her voice is kind of like Momo’s: semi-squeaky but a good belter and pretty. Her solo in Hello Champloo was also very nice!

10)Miyabi Natsuyaki- Last but not least, the other Buono! girl XD. She has a very controlled and lovely voice, and she is very nice to look at! In DVDs she is very quirky and is always laughing along with the other members. She’s really cute and has a terrific smile! I can’t help liking her so that is why she fits into the top ten, but she doesn’t stand out much so she’s last XD.

Thanks for reading about my top ten H!P members! Please look forward to more stuff ^^ I might make a bottom ten list haha for who I think are the not so great members in H!P XD